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MTC Information

MTC (Minimum Technical Competence) for domestic window and door installers/surveyors

GFTS Ltd  are an approved MTC delivery partner and can help you to achieve Competent Persons Status which is now part of the Building Regulations for England and Wales. We work closely with certification bodies and upon their instruction carry out the knowledge testing and on site installation assessment to prove competence.

How does it work?

If you have registered your details with your certification body (FENSA) then your details may have been processed and passed on to us to plan and carry out the assessments. We will initially assess your needs through the use of a skill scan and discussion. We will then make arrangements with yourself to carry out the required assessments. This will be completed with a welcome e-mail and then a brief telephone conversation.

What are the MTC assessments?

The new MTC or CPS scheme dictates that domestic window and door installers and surveyors must prove their minimum technical competence to carry out the work. If you have not achieved a minimum of Level 2 NVQ in Window and Door Installation, or for surveyors, a minimum of Level 3 NVQ within the last five years then you will have 3 options open to you.

  1. Complete an appropriate NVQ or Apprenticeship with GFTS Ltd in Window and Door Installation or surveying, in some cases this could possibly be government funded meaning that this would be free of charge to yourself (as long as you meet the funding eligibility criteria).

  2. Complete the standard MTC assessment. This method has been designed by the certification bodies and the DCLG in line with the requirements of the Building Regulations. It consists of completing an on line knowledge assessment in which you must score at least 75%, if you pass the test then an on-site observational assessment is planned to observe you removing an existing window or door, installing and glazing a replacement window or door and finishing off the installation in line with the relevant building regulations, GGF Code of Practice for installers and surveyors and BS8213 standards. If your duties only include surveying and you are applying as a surveyor only then you will still need to pass the knowledge assessments but evidence such as survey reports you have recently completed and a professional discussion as well as witness testimonies will be used to assure your competence.

    Please note that the knowledge tests and the observational assessments are tied to a strict code of practice and we would advise anyone wishing to undertake these assessments to revise the Building Regulations and BS8213 standards prior to the assessments taking place.

  3. Unit Accreditation is an alternative route for those who may not eligible for funding. Unit Accreditation is the completion of a number of units with the Fenestration Installation Level 2 of Fenestration Surveying Level 3 Qualification. Achievement of the Units meets the competence requirements of the MTC process.

What happens if I pass the assessments ?

The information is uploaded to central database held by the certification bodies who will then supply you with a competence card, which should be carried with you at all times when on site. This card will last for a maximum of 5 years from the date of achievement.

What happens if I fail the assessments?

If you fail the knowledge assessment then the on-site observation cannot take place, you will only be able to re take the knowledge assessment after a period of 7 days has expired. You will also need to pay a retest fee to your certification body. If you pass the knowledge test but fail on the observation then the same applies, your knowledge test result will still count but the on site assessment would need to be re planned and again you would need to pay the fee for reassessment..

If you meet the funding criteria rules then the NVQ/Apprenticeship route is the most financially beneficial as this is likely to be at a reduced cost or even free to employees in England (Scotland and Wales have their own funding rules). If you need more information on this route for you or other employees the please contact a either Laurence Pearson or Russell Heaton on 01274 962126

Click here for an explanation of the MTC Scheme

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